The Final Product
 Another Movember has passed but it has been one for the record books. The BoulderMo's managed to raise $7,031 for men's health, which is impressive. That ranked us as #310 out of 15,000 teams in the US. I cannot claim to have driven this as I was busy with other web-related campaigns. That being said, a few individuals contributed $16 to my sorry attempts, for which I am grateful.

This years upper lip efforts did raise record amounts of cash, up 28% this year to $128 million. That is a amazing milestone built one whisker at a time.

I did want to share a few pics of the final days of the Mo scene here at Leeds. It is post Thanksgiving when the staches really start to come to fruition.  Enjoy!

4 random Mo's. Arnab has such a good mo that a wormhole to an alternate universe opened up on his shoulder.
Sam Alsop

I feel like I've seen this look on you before! You are a true pioneer


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