The Final Product
 Another Movember has passed but it has been one for the record books. The BoulderMo's managed to raise $7,031 for men's health, which is impressive. That ranked us as #310 out of 15,000 teams in the US. I cannot claim to have driven this as I was busy with other web-related campaigns. That being said, a few individuals contributed $16 to my sorry attempts, for which I am grateful.

This years upper lip efforts did raise record amounts of cash, up 28% this year to $128 million. That is a amazing milestone built one whisker at a time.

I did want to share a few pics of the final days of the Mo scene here at Leeds. It is post Thanksgiving when the staches really start to come to fruition.  Enjoy!

4 random Mo's. Arnab has such a good mo that a wormhole to an alternate universe opened up on his shoulder.
The days for mustachery are growing as short as the daylight. I have been pretty proud of the progress so far, I even found that I had a bit of food stuck in it the other day. That has to count for some type of progress. 

The best part of being too old for b-school is the astonished looks you get from the undergrad population. Looks like, "Is that a Mo stache or does he always have it?" or "Is that a lampshade or a painters brush?"

We are nearly finished with Movember and there are some seriously creepy staches here in Boulder.  I thought I had a pretty sweet 70's TransAm stache going but James stepped up with this serious horseshoe/asskicker.  Either way, we were both wearing flannel and this being Colorado, I think both of us look the part of genuine frontiersmen.   

It is well through Movember and I see many on the fence with their Mo's. They may have been clean shaven on November 1st but are "growing a beard" to avoid the scrutiny and social awkwardness that comes along with a 'stache in mid-growth.  Perhaps their spouse protested a month of upper lip fringe or they are worried that the cute girl at the coffee shop they have been flirting with will look at them in disgust.

I say you are sissies.

Get ahold of yourself men! You have a few days left to fully enjoy the freedom that comes with having a ridiculous mustache and not giving a shit.  But if you still need a little motivation to remind you of your manhood, Ron Swanson has a few tips for you.
I recommend you let that mo flow.