I had been feeling guilty about keeping Bali as a indoor cat. She was very adventurous and desperately wanted to play outside but my wife didn't feel it was safe for her while she was a kitten. We compromised and I let her play in my garage/shop. She had all the makings of a decent shop car; she was unafraid of power tools and the air compressor, she didn't mind getting covered in sawdust and she really liked hunting the spiders that inevitably made their home in the dark corners and recesses.

Bali also liked to find unusual places for naps. One day I walked into the shop and found she had begun using my motorcycle helmet for naps. I thought it was adorable and snapped a few photos. The next day I was not so amused, my helmet smelled vaguely of MaxCat Kitten Chicken & Liver catfood and StepFresh cat litter. A few laps around Boulder with the visor open aired out the helmet but now there is no more helmet naps....

11/26/2012 06:56:27 am

There is only one solution: get her a helmet of her own.

11/30/2012 02:50:41 am

That's adorable! She is adorable!

Laura D
11/30/2012 03:09:01 am

Scorpion helmet. Removable, machine washable liner!

11/30/2012 03:26:17 am

That is so sweet! I agree that she should have an old helmet of her own haha :-)

11/30/2012 09:25:18 am

You look so very cute in that helmet. Believe me, being indoors is so much happier in the long run for me.

5/7/2016 04:06:31 am

Thank you for all that you have given to me, hopefully all of these are useful for all of us.


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