Bali, like all cats,  wants to be where you are and have what you have. Maybe it is laying on a keyboard, standing in front of the TV or playing with your shoe laces, while you are tying them.  Bali often contemplates the various water glasses that are on our desks or on the bedside table. 

Usually cats are weary of putting their heads in confined spaces but Bali has no such reservations. The water in her water bowl will sit untouched for days but a half drank glass on your desk is special!

Here is a nice three shot sequence of her getting in to the tops of her ears. I'm just waiting for the day when it gets stuck on

12/2/2012 20:24:33

you've got your hands full with sweet Bali! is she your only kitty?!

12/4/2012 05:55:17

Yes she is the only one....for now!


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