Grandma with a Hand Cannon

I read an interesting piece of news from a recent study at CU Boulder about your likeliness to shoot an armed or unarmed suspect based purely on race. While I find this study fascinating and horrifying on several levels, I think this quote sums it up best,

"Both the police and student subjects were most likely to shoot at blacks, then Hispanics, then whites and finally, in a case of what might be called a positive bias, Asians, researchers found.

This study reveals a decidedly dark side of human nature and makes me questions the stereotypes we have, but I instantly thought of Estelle Getty in "Stop or My Mom Will Shoot!". Am I the only one who misses Sty Stallone in Action Comedies?

While this study was conducted in a purely academic environment, the recent passing of Amendment 64 in Colorado, combined with the ruling to allow concealed carry on campus should make for a stoned, well armed and trigger happy populous. At least we are well educated.....